Welcome to the Summer School on Advanced Research in Turbomachinery


Welcome to Advance Research in Turbomachinery Summer School.

This School is aimed at providing engineering professionals with an overview on some of the most relevant issues in the present turbomachinery research.

For each topic, the current state of the art is first presented, both from a theoretical and a technical point of view. Concrete examples of applied research are then presented, with special focus on the latest developments and breakthrough technologies.


The School

ART 2017 – Advanced Research in Turbomachinery Summer School, is the first edition of a Summer School that will be held in Florence from July 10th to July 14th, 2017. The purpose of ART 2017 is to provide participants with an overview of advanced topics related to turbomachinery engineering.

The Summer school is organized by the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF) of the University of Florence, which has a long and recognized experience in the principal disciplines related to applied research on turbomachinery such as aerodynamics, turbulence, heat transfer, acoustics, two-phase flows and combustion. Applications to gas turbines, wind turbines, steam turbines and their components will be addressed in the different lectures. Although ART 2017 mainly deals with numerical modelling, experimental methods and instrumentation are also considered with some significant tracks.

Professors and researchers of DIEF will be the instructors of the Summer School. Keynote lectures held by international experts from both the academia and the industry will also be offered. Each talk will be composed by a brief overview of the background, quickly moving to show cutting‑edge aspects of the described topics. Relevance will be given to the activities developed in European research programs in the last 20 years starting from FP4.

ART 2017 is mainly directed to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and personnel from industry. Can be also considered of interest to anyone working in the turbomachinery field, interested in improving her/his knowledge. To facilitate the attendance, the School will be organized with both plenary and parallel sessions. Certificate of attendance will be released to all participants, while official ECTS will be released to PhD students only.

It is worth mentioning that the Summer School will also give a unique opportunity to create networks among PhD students and other turbomachinery professionals, thanks to side social events organized during the week within the amazing landscape of the Historic Centre of Florence (UNESCO World Heritage).



The School will address the most relevant advances in the field of Turbomachinery research, including:

  • Turbomachinery aerodynamics
  • Aeroelasticity and aeroacoustics
  • Heat transfer and cooling
  • Two-phase flows
  • Radial compressors and design of micro ORC expanders
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Wind energy
  • Multi-scale modelling
  • Gas Turbine combustion and alternative fuels

Keynote speakers of this first edition will be Prof. C. O. Paschereit (TU Berlin) and Prof. R. I. Issa (Imperial College of London).

A guided tour of the GE Oil & Gas factory and premises located in Florence will be organized during the School, including a keynote speech given by Dr. V. Michelassi, Chief Consulting Engineer at GE.


The organizing committee of the ART summer school is composed by:

  • Antonio Andreini
  • Alessandro Bianchini
  • Giovanni Ferrara
  • Daniele Fiaschi
  • Michele Marconcini
  • Federico Mazzelli
  • Roberto Pacciani
  • Simone Salvadori
  • Francesco Taddei

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